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6 février 2012 1 06 /02 /février /2012 09:20


Vague de froid sur le Royaume Uni (1)

Soldiers from the Household Cavalry march through snow along The Mall in London on Sunday



Vague-de-froid-sur-le-Royaume-Uni--2--copie-1.jpgA picturesque scene near the village of Shipbourne in Kent this morning



Vague-de-froid-sur-le-Royaume-Uni--3--copie-1.jpgMotorists make their along Winnats Pass, near Castleton, Derbyshire



Vague-de-froid-sur-le-Royaume-Uni--5-.jpgHannah Docherty (left) and Mayra Vila build a snow Queen in the grounds of Windsor Great park,

with the castle in the background, to mark the Monarch's 60th jubile



Vague-de-froid-sur-le-Royaume-Uni--6-.jpgCity spectacular:

The dusting of snow gives York Minister a magical makeover

in this stunning aerial shot of the historical city



Vague-de-froid-sur-le-Royaume-Uni--7-.jpgWater sight:

A reflection of St Stephen's Tower housing the Big Ben clock in London is seen in the river Thames

surrounded by snow yesterday morning



Vague-de-froid-sur-le-Royaume-Uni--8-.jpgSnow gathers on a London underground tube sign in Bethnal Green, east London



Vague-de-froid-sur-le-Royaume-Uni--9-.jpg Two women slip on the snow-covered roads on Saturday night in Camden, London



Vague-de-froid-sur-le-Royaume-Uni--10-.jpgPeople battle winds on a snowy Westminster Bridge in London



Vague-de-froid-sur-le-Royaume-Uni--11-.jpg While flakes fall in front of Big Ben in Parliament Square at 7.20pm on Saturday night



(Source:  Dailymail)


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